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Welcome to NHZ Business process outsourcing

At NHZ Global, we're absolutely passionate about what we do. We have developed a range of business services for our clients through telemarketing. In the rapidly changing world of business, we understand change and develop our approach accordingly so that our clients can continue to not only compete but grow. It is a fact that calling up total strangers to talk about your business and encourage them to either set up an appointment or buy your product, ranks first on the top that business owners find terrifying. But it is also a fact that telemarketing is an easy method of advertising your business and at the same time selling your products.

Business Process Outsourcing

Outsource this critical function to NHZ Global and see your business flourish. It takes a lot of time and money to hire, train, and manage a team of telemarketing personnel within your company.

We provide a full portfolio of outsource services to small, medium-sized enterprises. Currently we are engaged with some of Australia, USA and Canada based companies providing services to our clients from the England, Thailand and Pakistan offices.

What we do at NHZ Global is second only to how we do things. Our business philosophy focus entirely on our clients' specific needs.

Our employees are undoubtedly our strength. Our success is measured and driven by YOUR success. So outsourcing telemarketing is a good option for you. We at NHZ Global are experts in turning cold calls into actual sales calls. This not only takes confidence and professionalism but also expertise which you can experience when you partner with NHZ Global.


We cover many areas through our telemarketing services from insurance to real estate, medical billing, Customer Service and much more. Our services can help you with the following -

When done right, with smart research, scripts, good presentation and delivery, cold calls will definitely land your business. You can be assured that experts at NHZ Global will contact customers and strike the deal for you.

Trust NHZ Global to make your calls for you. Get in touch with us today. Contact us to outsource cold calling services.