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Computer Vision
Anti-Terrorism Left Object detection system senses left items of luggage at public places based on analysis of CCTV camera output.


    1. Real time performance of 20fps
    2. User friendly display
    3. Robust performance
    4. Highly reliable
    5. Easy to install, use and maintain
    6. Vary low false alarm rate
    7. Deal with complex environment busy or crowded scenes
    8. Help fight against terrorism and crime including threat assessment
    9. Help efficient management of transport network and public facilities
    10. A cost effective solution that saves money by reducing security requirements
    11. Easily Integrated with existing surveillance systems


    1. Shopping malls
    2. Airports
    3. Railway stations
    4. Supermarkets
    5. Hotels 6. Sports stadiums
    7. Recreations parks
    8. Cinemas
    9. Supermarkets
    10. Banks and financial services
    11. Factories
    12. Any other public place